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The ins and outs of knowing what’s behind. November 2014

If you ride a sportbike, you probably know more about your armpits and elbows than you care to admit. That’s because the mirrors on most sport machines are tucked in so closely that unless you twist your upper body out of the way like a contortionist, all you see in the mirror is the outer regions of your torso.


This is precisely what motivated John Vanderslik to come up with his patented Slik Designs Extendze mirrors. Much like the truck mirrors that can be extended when towing a trailer, Slik mirrors slide in and out on long stalks over a 3½-inch range of adjustment. When fully retracted, the mirrors are in about the same location as most stockers, the center of their viewing area 6½ inches from the fairing; full extension changes that dimension to 10 inches.

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Published OnMay 27, 2014
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