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Dallas, Texas July 29, 2014 - Automated Interiors, an industry leader in Dallas’s residential security systems, is now offering customers the option of having their alarm systems and camera systems viewable over the internet.  The implementation of these new technologies is an added value to Automated Interiors’ growing list of customers. According to Steve Howell, Managing Partner at Automated Interiors’  “The customers that added the internet monitoring to their systems all seem to love it.  They have much more control now and can see what’s going on at home when they’re away.  They can arm or disarm their alarm systems from work or their car, they get text messages when the system is armed or disarmed or have an alarm and, if they have cameras, they can pull them up on their iPhone or whatever and actually see what is going on.” These value-added devices connect many existing manufacturers including Honeywell, DSC, and General Electric alarm system controls and camera systems, for the purpose of signal distribution through the Internet and/or wireless connections, and also provide a host of custom consumer controls, including connectivity through an Internet connected PC, smart phone or wireless browser based devices such as an iPad or tablet.  This means you can get an email or a text whenever an event such as an alarm occurs.  You can also have a message sent if a camera sees motion even if the alarm does not get set off.  You can see if your system is armed or not and take appropriate action.  This gives you almost complete control of your security systems remotely.  There is also an option for home automation control. According to Mr. Howell, these options are relatively inexpensive.  The initial investment for an alarm system is less than $100 for internet connectivity and will only raise monthly monitoring a couple of bucks a month.  Camera systems can be installed for less than $600 with no increase in the monthly rate. If you live in the North Texas area and are interested in being able to control you security systems remotely, then Automated Interiors is now offering this service at a price that is affordable to everyone. Automated Interiors offers the most reliable Home and Business Security Systems anywhere in the Dallas area.  Automated Interiors’ is the home of cheap alarm monitoring.  They have the lowest prices of any security company in the area and do not require a long term contract unlike almost all the other Dallas Security Companies.  They have been in business since 1999 and are A+ rated with The Better Business Bureau of Dallas.   Automated Interiors home and business security systems are definitely the ones to beat! From burglar alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, to camera system and access control systems.   Automated Interiors has all your security needs covered.
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Published OnAug 01, 2014
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