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We are one of the largest private music lessons studios serving Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Lisle, Plainfield and other surrounding towns. We provide lessons on all instruments including; guitar, bass, drums, clarinet, saxophone, piano, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, as well as many other instruments. We have been committed to music education since we opened in 1974.


Our teaching studios and waiting areas are in our newly expanded and competely remodeled Educational Annex, easily accessed from our main store located on Ogden Avenue, 1.5 miles west of Naperville Road, next to Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Because we are a full service music dealer, we can provide our students with all of the necessary materials and supplies they will need to pursue an enjoyable musical experience, and we can do it all in one stop. This includes instructional materials, instruments, accessories, repair services, and rentals. We have one of the largest private education programs in the area. Over 400 students, many of whom are adults, receive private lessons each week in one of our twelve modern studios.


Our Modern studios feature windows in every room, as well as comfortable waiting areas with free Wi-Fi access.


We have learned that the teacher's ability to motivate a student is critical to the success of the student. Most of our teachers have or are pursuing degrees in music. Many teach or have taught in school districts in Illinois. In addition, most of our instructors perform regularly in various musical groups. All of our teachers are committed to showing students the joy and fun of making music.


Because of our large staff of teachers, we are able to match your student's experience and ability with an appropriate instructor.

In order to maintain our high quality standards, we consistently monitor the performance of our teachers, and you as a parent (or you as the student) may be asked to assist us in maintaining our teaching standards, by periodically evaluating our performance.


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636 E. Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL
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Each student receives a one-half hour private lesson each week. We are using a popular method book which helps to focus the student's efforts as they learn note reading, coordination, and general music theory. Our teachers work closely with parents and students to design a course of instruction that is most appropriate for the age of the student, as well as for the purpose of the instruction. For example, we work closely with students who participate in the school band and orchestra programs. We supplement their studies at school, and focus on the specific needs of the individual student. Private lessons are also desirable for those who do well in the school program but want to excel at their instruments. Our private lessons allow for a targeted approach for each student. Guitar and drum lessons have the option of two different learning tracks. One track teaches the student the fundamentals of the playing the instrument, including note reading, theory, and rhythm. The other track, which we refer to as the performance track, provides the more advanced student the ability to focus more on improvisation, and advanced playing techniques. Most guitar and drum students start out with a general overview of the instrument and naturally move toward one track or the other over time. Naperville Music uses technology to benefit our students and parents. Our instructors keep accurate records of the student's progress, and provide weekly reports to the parent via email so that they are always informed about both current and future activities. In addition, our students receive periodic practice tips via email, and announcements of various competitions and contests that are available to those who wish to participate. Our instructors are here every day except Friday and Sunday. On weekdays we offer instruction until 9:00 PM, and on Saturday our teachers are here from 10:30 until 5:00.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
My name is Vince. (my instructor) challenges me every week with something new to learn. I must admit, I did not think it would be this much fun and I actually look forward to my weekly lesson. The entire staff is very friendly. Every time I walk into the store I am greeted with a personal hello from each of the staff members. I am very satisfied with my experiences at Naperville Music.
Testimonial #2
As you are well aware, teenagers have very high expectations. I was so pleased to hear the answer to the question, "how did it go?" after the first lessons. They both responded, "great!" They look forward to their lessons and are learning quite rapidly. I attribute their success to the rapport they each have with their instructors. We are lucky to have Naperville Music in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work!
ByLinda F.
Testimonial #3
We are really delighted with the instrumental lessons that our kids are receiving. The younger one (age 5) learns guitar and the older one (age 7) piano, neither having tried music previously. The staff is friendly, upbeat, encouraging and professional and the classes are structured, challenging and fun. You get great choice in terms of available teaching days and hours and you are able to change without difficulty to a different teacher if the need arises.
ByVanessa H.
Testimonial #4
I am a seasoned student in full life crisis (no mid life for me I either go all the way or don't go) who always wanted to play the drums. I finally pulled the trigger and called Naperville Music. Your staff has always been cordial and helpful. I hope having shared this that young and seasoned people will give Naperville Music a shot. I think all ages of musicians will be pleased with what you have to offer.
ByMichael S.
Testimonial #5
Just a quick note to tell you that our experience with Naperville Music has always been fabulous. Both of my boys have taken music lessons at your store, for years, and have enjoyed their instructors so much. I have a drummer and a guitarist and they actually play quite well together. Occasionally, you'll send us a special coupon or discount and we always take advantage of that! We've bought a drum set from you for a really great price and millions of music books among other things. Always a great value. Your staff is really fine! The guys are great, always friendly, with a smile on their faces and ready to crack a joke or have a story! It's just fun to come in. They all seem to know who we are too, and that is a great feeling in this day and age of anonymity. I would not hesitate to recommend your store and have on many occasions!
ByKim G.
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Naperville Music Receives 2014
Naperville Music Receives 2014 "Best of Naperville Award" For Music Lessons
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Monday12:00 PM÷09:00 PM
Tuesday12:00 PM÷09:00 PM
Wednesday12:00 PM÷09:00 PM
Thursday12:00 PM÷09:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM÷05:00 PM
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