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Our company was founded in 2005 by Brandon Joseph, an Atlanta native.  We honor the notion that people like good value and good service. We are proud to bring this concept to the computer repair market. With a broad and extensive knowledge of computers both inside and out, our company provides this excellent value with integrity, friendliness and professionalism.           

Keeping our customers satisfied helps create more business through positive word of mouth referrals. We feel that providing our clients the best value and guaranteed satisfaction is the best way to serve your needs and grow our business.

Helping people understand computers is a key difference in how we provide technical assistance. Why? Because we believe that understanding how something works is fundamental to getting the most out of it.            

Whether your needs involve a simple data backup or complete reformat and restoration or anything in between, Lucential Computer Repair & Rescue is the right choice for quality service, great value and a company you can trust.

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Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA
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(770) 460-6169
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Has your PC died? Do you see the Blue Screen of Death?

Whenever your PC has crashed and won't boot up, or is acting strangely and you don't know what to do - give us a call. We'll be able to give you a free initial diagnosis over the phone and can schedule on-site service if you prefer.


The problem could be either Hardware or Software related. Providing us with as much information you have about the problem and computer will help us diagnose the problem more effectively. This repair service could involve replacing hardware that has failed, repairing or reinstalling the Operating system, or a variety of other things in order to correct the problem. Whatever the case, we will work out a customized solution to fit your needs. Any hardware for your PC can be purchased for you at lower cost than at retail.


We believe in providing our customers with good value. For those interested in troubleshooting the problem over the phone with a member of our staff, help can be obtained more quickly and cost-effectively in many cases. Some support issues may or may not require on-site/drop-off service.
Virus, Spyware & Adware Removal

For the last several years, programmers have been developing software that acts in either sneaky or evil ways. There's no doubt by now you've heard the buzzwords, "Virus", "Spyware" or "Adware". The "goals" of these unwanted programs can be anywhere from serving up advertising to you (sometimes when you're not even online), to tracking your internet surfing habits or logging all your key strokes on the keyboard, and sending it back to another PC elsewhere on the internet - neutralizing these threats this is one major way to prevent identity theft.


These programs threaten to hamper your enjoyment and productivity on the computer. Being as there are many threats out there to watch for, there are fortunately many avenues to take to avoid them. Prevention is the best medicine, and we can help rid and protect your computer or network from Spyware, Adware and the like. We provide low-cost solutions to combat this new wave of malicious software; and because we offer On-Site Service, you won't have to worry about disconnecting and transporting your computer.


Most importantly, Lucential Computer Repair & Rescue sets you up with ongoing protection against Viruses, Spyware & Adware, meaning you will only need this service once. It will remain in place, protecting your computer - with no ongoing costs!
Windows Updates / Firewall Check / Security Inspection

In today's world of computer threats, identity theft, viruses and general online safety - one can't be too careful. Keeping up with PC and Internet Security isn't always an easy or fun task. It's best to be sure about these things.  We believe that clients shouldn't have to pay a lot to simply keep their computers protected.


We'll visit your home or business and perform the following on one PC:

  • - Install the latest Windows Updates & Patches
  • - Ensure a Virus Protection System exists and is Current (No-Cost, Quality Software Solutions Available)
  • - Ensure a Spyware Protection System exists and is Current (No-Cost, Quality Software Solutions Available)
  • - Scan the PC for and Rid it of Viruses & Spyware/Adware


We'll also ensure you have a Firewall in place and operating properly. Firewalls are very important, as they act to "hide" your computer from being discovered by random parties on the internet unless you initiate the contact.

This service is available for both on-site and drop-off service.
Performance Optimization - Regain PC Performance!

This service is highly Big Directory when upgrading Operating Systems or when you've simply got "too much junk" on your computer and need it cleaned. This will lead to a great increase in performance in most cases and can even be a solution for those who are running out of hard drive space.


We have two options to meet your needs. Depending on your budget or the condition of your PC, you can choose from the Regular or Full Performance Optimization packages.

Regular Performance Optimization Package

Lucential Computer Repair & Rescue Price:$65
Major Competitor's Price:$125

  • Many different system tweaks to help your computer start and run faster.
PC Hardware Upgrades
When computers get old and/or slow, we have one of two choices - we either throw them away and buy new ones, or we consider our upgrade options. Upgrading a computer, when it makes sense, can dramatically improve performance of an aging or sluggish machine. With the cost of computers and replacement parts dropping all the time, upgrading your computer has never been more affordable.


Let us determine your needs and recommend a customized upgrade solution that will match your budget and performance needs. We can find the components you'll need for a fraction of what you'd pay retail; Then we'll install it for you and make sure it's working properly.


Here's some possible scenarios that might warrant an upgrade:

  • - Your computer is a few years old and is (barely) running Windows XP
  • - You're running out of storage space for your music, pictures, video's, etc.
  • - You want a home network but don't want to install wiring throughout the house.
Promotions & Specials
SPRING CLEANING SPECIAL!! Mention this special to receive $10 off PC Tune-up.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Brandon Joseph has done a wonderful job in solving the problems with my computer. He is quick, thorough and understandable, and I recommend him highly.
ByCol. Bill B.
FromAtlanta, GA
Testimonial #2
I have had several computer techs help me in the past but I thought Brandon was by far the best. He is very easy to work with--patient--and a wizard on the computer!.
ByJohn B.
FromAtlanta, GA
Testimonial #3
Brandon is not only extremely knowledgeable about computers, but he also has a talent for explaining systems and features to his clients. He is calm and reassuring, and able to work with computer users of all experience levels. He's also good at problem-solving and suggesting more efficient ways of getting a job done. Brandon's fees are reasonable and he's very pleasant to be around.

I highly recommend him to anyone who needs computer assistance
ByJulie H. C.
FromAtlanta, GA
Testimonial #4
My internet was running extremely slow and it was affecting my business as well as my recreation. I knew it wasn't a problem with my provider but I felt like I was wasting my money on high-speed cable internet! Something was bogging down my system. My "computer-savey" friends turned out not to be knowledgeable enough to help me with the problem.

I was ready to pull my hair out when I called Lucential Consulting. Brandon was extremely patient and understanding. He fixed the problem relatively quickly and now I'm blazing on the internet faster than ever! My computer generally runs smoother and I couldn't be happier. Thank you. Your help has been worth so much.
ByGreg M.
FromVilla Rica, GA
Testimonial #5
My laptop keyboard basically fell apart. I called Geek Squad, Dell, and other computer repair agencies in the Atlanta area and they all told me the same thing- they needed to keep my laptop longer than I would have preferred and for a price I thought was too high.

I called Lucential and spoke to Brandon, who had a solution to my problem at a price that was very reasonable to my budget. Not only that, Lucential picked up and delivered my laptop as though it were an urgent package that would save the world; and it did- my world.

I have Lucential Consulting in my speed dial, you should too! Thanks Brandon and Lucential for a job well done.
ByMario D.
FromAtlanta, GA
(770) 460-6169
Business Representative
Brandon Joseph
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