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Your first dance class is FREE!! Check out our class schedule. If you don't see a class at a time you would like, please let us know. We provide a family tuition plan so that all family members can enjoy the variety of classes that we offer. Our classes are not only for little kids. Adults - if you have not danced in a few years or you are new to dance, you are welcome in our teen/adult classes. We will help you learn to dance or just get back into shape. Come and have fun with us!!!
Our studio is situated at 2017 N. Main St across from Bowers Museum. We are close to the Main Place Mall - just south of the 5 and 22 freeways. Look for DANCE sign on the building, but at night look for the blue neon border and neon DANCE sign in the windows. Parking and Entrance to the studio are in the rear. We share the parking lot with 2015 N. Main St. The cIty parking lot next to the building is also available.
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Orange County
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2017 N. Main St
Santa Ana, CA
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Ballet - learn basic technique at the barre and in the center. Classes provided for all ages and ability. Tap - learn rhythm tap technique and have fun tapping. Combo - We combine multple dance forms into one class for young dancers. Ballet/Tap, and Ballet/Hip-Hop/Tumbling are provided for 3-6 yr olds. Little Combo is 30 minutes for 2-4 yr olds. Jazz - learn jazz technique and have fun in our jazz classes offered for all ages. Lyrical - an emotional and expressive dance form that is taught for the beginner and advanced dancer. Technique - improve your dancing skills with a class that focuses on turns, leaps, and genera technique. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced dancers. Hip-Hop - fun and energetic hip-hop combinations as well as break dance. We offer classes for the beginner as well as the more experienced dancer. Teens and Adults are welcome! Special Hip-Hop - allows those with special needs to learn the art of dance. Great activity for kids and adults that want to learn to dance. Latin Dancing - Salsa and Cumbia dancing is offered and is a lot of fun. Come with a partner or just by yourself. Zumba - Join us to get fit and have fun. A high energy level class for dancers and those wanting a great workout. A lower energy workout for moms and deconditioned folks will provide a fun workout while getting back into shape - salsa, merenge, cumbia, tango, flamenco, and belly dancing!! Cardio Kickboxing - a high-impact cardiovascular workout that blends elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics. Routines include punches, hand strikes and kicks. Pilates - strengthen your core with this Pilates mat workout. Starting soon!
Key People
Joel Aguirre
Joel has over 15 years of teaching experience. He was a director of the Saddleback High School Dance Team for over 10 years. He has taught at various dance studios over the years. He has the title of Mr Latino 2000 which he actively represents at various functions. He was the Artistic Director of a dance studio inTustin where Images Dance Company was founded. Joel is also a Certified Instructor in Zumba® Gold and Zumba® Basic.
PositionArtistic Director, Instructor (Salsa, Jazz, Zumba®)
Jennifer Bales
Jennifer is currently attending Chapman University where she is majoring in English Literature with a minor in Music. She has always had a love for Dance and Singing. She is a beautiful vocalist and has danced for over 17 years.
PositionInstructor (Combo, Ballet)
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel has a great love of dance and has taught Cardio Kick Boxing for over 2 years. He especially enjoys teaching his Hip-Hop class for Special Needs dancers. He teaches several Hip-Hop classes even one with Ballet and HipHop that the kids and parents love. Gabriel is our Assistant Junior Company Manager.
PositionInstructor (Hip-Hop, Cardio Kick Boxing)
Veronica Lewis
PositionAssociate Instructor (Tap)
Adrian Miramontes, aka Lobo, is a Professional dancer, performer, choreographer, and teacher specializing in a futuristic, liquid, shape-shifting, illusion style of Popping blended with his own unique style and flavor. Blessed to be born and raised in Anaheim, Orange county, young Lobo had access to some of the best dancers in the Hip hop world which
helped shaped the dancer that he has become today.

His passion for the Popping style began in September of 2005 when he met the pioneer Poppin’ Pete at a workshop, and showed him the “hit”. From then on Lobo took what he learned, along with influences from LA and Pomona OG’s of the dance, Funny Bones Crew, Versastyles, Culture Shock LA, Killafornia, The Electric Boogaloo’s, and many many more. Lobo now has become a recognized dancer in the Hip Hop world, and continues to grow and evolve in his dance career.
PositionInstructor (Hip-Hop, Popping)
Christine Nazarian
Christine has loved dancing since she was a toddler. She has danced for over 16 years at
the Daria Bearden Dance Studio, Pacific Dance, Hartfel Ballet and South Coast
Performing Arts. Some of the many teachers that she has trained under include Tatiana and Victor Kasatsky, Hanna Karacic, John Welch, Katie Bonomini, and Erin Jefferson. She has been teaching dance for over 4 years. She graduated from Beckman High School where she was in Advanced Theater Arts all 4 years, and was the President of the Thespian Society. She currently attends Orange Coast College majoring in Business and minoring in Theater Arts. In addition to teaching dance, she also works in the Drama Department at Beckman High School.
PositionInstructor (Hip-Hop, Combo)
Krystal Pires-Patch
Krystal Pires-Patch began dancing in 1993 at Daria Bearden Dance Studio and continued
to study there until its close as Star Dance Academy in 2006. During her time there, she
not only participated in many competitions, but also took on the role of Clara in the 2005
production of the Nutcracker. She is experienced in many forms of dance, but
specializes in ballet, jazz, and contemporary. She has studied under Tatiana and Victor
Kasatsky, Hanna Karacic, and Daria Bearden, and currently studies under Molly Lynch, Israel "El" Gabirel, Michelle Gervais, Diane Diefenderfer, Jodie Gates, and Leann
Alduenda at the University of California Irvine, working toward a B.F.A. in Dance with an emphasis in performance. She has been with Images since its beginning.
PositionInstructor (Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Combo, Hip-Hop)
Deborah Reynolds
Deborah is a Certified Instructor in Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Basic and Pilates. She has danced for many years from age 5 to adult. She started her dance training with Madame Elganova in Orange which included ballet, pointe, tap, and acrobatics. Deb was on the
Orange High School Drill Team and was Lieutenant in her senior year. She enjoys teaching Zumba and Pilates at Images when not managing the dance studio, working on videos for Images Media Productions or working her regular full time job.
PositionInstructor (Tap, Zumba®, Pilates)
Heather Reynolds
Heather currently attends Cal State Fullerton. She graduated from the specialized arts high school - Orange County High School of the Arts. She was in the Classical Dance Conservatory for 2 years and in the Commercial Dance Conservatory for 4 years. She has
been dancing for over 18 years and has 7 years of teaching experience. She is a Certified Instructor in Zumba® Basic. She is the Junior Company Manager which is composed of 7 to 12 yr olds.
PositionInstructor (Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Zumba®)
Jorge Rodriguez
PositionAssociate Instructor (Hip-Hop, Breakdancing)
Martha Zepeda
PositionInstructor (Contemporary, Lyrical)
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Deb Reynolds
Studio Manager
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