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Established in 2006, the company is a privately held corporation with its main headquarters based in Roseville, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. We maintain operational offices in Baltimore, Maryland, and Cracow (Krakσw), Poland.


Our company is truly international in nature. We employee individuals from around the world who can offer the best quality available. However, through sophisticated software, we seamlessly integrate this so that it is invisible to you, our customer.


For the sake of efficiency, we have endeavored to automate as much of the business process as possible in order to concentrate on the more important aspects of our work, namely the language. As you explore our website, you will notice that many of our services are able to be requested online. This enables both the customer and About Language to track work progress, the status of which is verifiable at any moment.


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2400 Boston Street, Baltimore MD 21224
Baltimore, MD
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(410) 846-0222
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Translation is the art of rendering the written word of one language into that of another without loss of meaning, tone, or subtlety. Our translators are selected from the international community and work in their mother tongue, assuring that each translation is not only correct, but that the text also reflects the same spirit as the original. Common documents we work with are: Personal • immigration requirements or status adjustment • motor vehicle administrations • adoptions • foreign students applying to university • medical documentation • marriage or divorce procedures • death certificates Commercial • personnel manuals and documentation • flyers and brochures • operation manuals • advertising publications • supporting evidence of a court case • contractual agreements • financial reports
Interpretation is the process of verbally rendering one language into another language without loss of meaning. Interpretation involves the spoken word, as opposed to translation, which focuses on the written word. The professional interpreter impartially assists with language interactions between those who do not share a common language. Such interactions might be face-to-face, telephonic, or in a conference setting assisted with electronic listening devices. Interpreters are primarily used in business exchanges, for public service support, in legal matters, and in the medical system. We offer interpretation services in tens of languages throughout the United States and Europe on a daily basis. In addition to the spoken word, we also offer interpretation services in American Sign Language (ASL). The vast majority of our interpreters are state approved, and all possess the skills and experience necessary for a successful interpretation.
(410) 846-0222
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